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Phoenix Elite

A semi-elite HP sorting community

Phoenix Elite: An Elite Sorting Community
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Welcome to Phoenix Elite, the LiveJournal sorting community based on Harry Potter that features contests, house unity, discussions and debates, and much more. To join, go to phoenixsort and fill out the application. We hope to see you soon!

phoenixsort - The gateway to Phoenix Elite. This is where you get sorted.
phoenixelite - The main community.
pe_appeals - Don't feel comfortable in your sorted house? Place an appeal here.

mom_phoenix - For the Heads of Houses, Prefects, and other People in Power.

houseofgodric - The Gryffindor Common Room.
houseofhelga - The Hufflepuff Common Room.
houseofrowena - The Ravenclaw Common Room.
houseofsalazar - The Slytherin Common Room.

phoenixstamp - Animagus and Character Stamping.
phoenix_graphic - Post graphics that you've made and get points!
phoenixcatalogs - Order graphics from various shops.
phoenixpenpaper - Post fan-fictions and fan art that you've done and get points.

pe_quidditch - The Quidditch Pitch.
godrics_locker - The Gryffindor Locker Room.
helgas_locker - The Hufflepuff Locker Room.
rowenas_locker - The Ravenclaw Locker Room.
salazars_locker - The Slytherin Locker Room.

Gryffindor Founder - mollywobblez
Hufflepuff Founder - cafpows
Ravenclaw Founder - irishjewel
Slytherin Founder - justanerdyangel

If you have a problem with another member, please notify one of the Heads of Houses, and they will deal with it accordingly.

House bashing, as well as any other bashing, is not acceptable. We run on the three strike rule. One strike: warning. Two strikes: warning and house points will be taken away from your house total. Three strikes: you will be asked to leave.

No other community advertisments/announcements that are not relevant to Phoenix Elite will be allowed to be posted. Although off topic posts (not about Harry Potter or Phoenix Elite) are allowed, spamming the community is highly discouraged.

Have fun with this community. It's about what you want to make it, as well as any ideas from the Heads of Houses.
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